The tastiest
grown in
the UK

The UK currently imports most of its bagged salad1. We’re here to change that.

The conditions in our vertical farm are perfectly controlled to produce the best plants all year round, avoiding the problems salad growers often face (like pests, disease, and difficult weather).
1 – Defra Horticultural Statistics, July 2022.

The way we grow means our plants are:

1 Always Local
2 Longer-lasting
3 Crisp and fresh
4 Pesticide free
5 Ready to eat straight from the bag

Right now, we’re growing… 

Green crispy lettuce leaves

Delicate and smooth with just the right amount of crunch, these leaves are a salad staple. Toss them with tomatoes, cucumber, and your other favourites for a tasty lunch. Or pop them in a burger or sandwich for added texture.

Green frilly lettuce leaves

A mild taste combines with a bit of texture to liven up any plate. These leaves go great with a tangy dressing and are delicious either on their own or mixed with other bits of salad.

Red frilly lettuce leaves

Their unique colouring makes these leaves look great and taste even better. Their curly shape also means they’re perfect for mopping up salad dressing and sauce.

Punchy rocket leaves

Where would we be without a bit of spice? Our fresh rocket is peppery, punchy, and perfect for adding something special to any plate.


This is a fantastic product, not only is it super tasty and lasts well, it has a low carbon footprint and is UK grown.

Tesco Customer