Better food for all

We grow the tastiest, freshest food right here in the UK. From farm to plate with no pesticides. Perfection!

Local food on your shelves,
all year round.

We grow with 100% renewable energy and grow all year round in our clean, climate-controlled vertical farm in Kent. No downpours or harvesting staff shortages will stop our greens growing – for our plants, it’s a Mediterranean spring day every day.

Our leaves last longer.

Our leaves stay fresher for longer in the fridge. Less food and money wasted = happy customers.

We’ve cracked the biggest
challenge in vertical farming
and we’ve still got further to go.

Our farms are powered by green energy,
generated on-site. Reducing our impact and carbon footprint means building a more sustainable food system for the UK’s future.

We’re proud to be working with other industry leaders.

GrowUp Farms Edie Awards 2024
British Sandwich Association
Sammies New Product Award Ingredient Category