What will our impact look like at Pepperness compared to the salad you’d buy in the shops today?

Our Impact

We’re committed to growing better food for all.  Impact was at the heart of our business when we started in 2013 and it’s still there now.

We’re a B Corp, so we believe companies should use the resources they’ve got to help build a better tomorrow. We’re focusing on the areas where we can have a lasting impact, doing our bit to make the world a better place.

We’ve spent a lot of time reducing the negative impacts of food production. We never have or will use pesticides and we’ve eradicated chemical run-off. We’ve also improved how we farm to reduce the amount of water we use and cut out waste from farm to fridge. All this means we can grow the best possible food in a more efficient way. Our farm at Pepperness is also built on brownfield land, too, so there was no loss of biodiversity there.

We’re tackling one of the biggest problems in vertical farming, too: powering the farms.

We build our farms with renewable energy production in mind, meaning we don’t need to rely on non-green energy to grow our plants. Pepperness was built next to a bioenergy facility, giving us access to 100% green heat and energy 24/7. This means we can create the perfect growing conditions for our plants without having to rely on harmful fossil fuels that contribute to climate change.


Doing the best for our workers, our communities and our customers.

Unlike traditional farming, we don’t have seasons, so we don’t use seasonal workers. We regularly ask for feedback to make sure everyone is happy, fulfilled, and feels valued. If not, we’ll make any improvements we can to help. We want everyone working at GrowUp to feel supported and given the room they need to grow .

We’re pleased to have been named one of the The Sunday Times Best Places To Work 2023! We’re constantly focused on making sure our people are happy in and outside of work, and are delighted to hear that our people love working with us.

We also want to help our local communities. Every year, we encourage our team spend at least one day volunteering in our local area, focusing on helping improve conservation.

We want to make sure our customers are as happy as can be, too. We promise to always be transparent and tell the truth, so we’ll never make any claims that we can’t back up. Plus, we’re always looking for ways to improve how we do things, giving our customers the best possible experiences.