Life on the farm at Pepperness

Our vertical farm, Pepperness, near Sandwich was built on a brownfield site. When it’s fully operational it’ll be the equivalent of 1000 acres of Grade 1 farmland. 

We’re proud to be joining the long-standing farming community in Kent, bringing our own GrowUp twist with us.


located in
Sandwich, Kent.

From seed to plate

We grow, we harvest and we pack, all in the same place – from seed to plate, we shorten the supply chain and only grow in the UK, reducing emissions and waste.

Powering Pepperness

We’ve cracked one of the biggest problems in vertical farming: energy supply. We built Pepperness next door to a bioenergy power station, so we’ve got renewable heat and power at our fingertips, come rain or shine.

Using this 100% renewable energy, we control the growing environment at Pepperness to make sure the conditions are perfect for our plants.