How we grow

Our plants are grown with no pesticides in our Kent-based vertical farm.

We use 100% renewable energy to create the perfect growing environment, 365 days a year.

What happens on the farm

We use green energy to create the best possible growing conditions for our plants, extending the season for UK-grown produce. Anyone for luscious, local lettuce, all year round?

The set-up of our farm allows us to maximise the space, growing as many plants as possible — much more than on the same amount of traditionally farmed space.

Because we don’t add any pesticides, there’s no need to wash our plants. Saying goodbye to the traditional, post-pick chlorine bath keeps our leaves dry so they stay fresher for longer.

What this means

On average, the UK wastes almost 60% of the bagged salad we buy. At the same time, most of this comes from abroad, meaning lots of food miles and less-than-fresh food on the shelves.

Using vertical farms means producing higher-quality plants that last longer on your shelves and in customers’ fridges.

For customers, it’s much better value. They’re less likely to have to throw gone-off food out and they’ll get to enjoy delicious, fresh plants, every day of the year..

Our salad travels 500 miles less than salad imported from Europe – reducing emissions, and helping the UK be more self-sufficient. As a bonus, we can produce plants that usually couldn’t grow in this country (either during the winter or at all).