Our wonderful founder, Kate, teamed up with the amazing charity, Institute of Imagination for a fun, educational workshop.  

What went down? Well, Kate got to talk about the work we’re doing at GrowUp and answered brilliant, impactful questions from the Institute of Imagination. They dived deep into GrowUp’s ground-breaking sustainable farming methods, and let us tell you, it was anything but your average classroom lesson!  

The theme of the event was ‘Save, Make, Reinvent!’ –  Kate spilled the tea on sustainability and vertical farming. Her lively chat and passion for her craft sparked imaginations and inspired the next generation. Plus, she gave us the inside scoop on some seriously exciting job opportunities in sustainability. 

But it wasn’t just about fun and games – this workshop highlighted the importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to farming. With the world facing some serious climate challenges, innovative techniques like vertical farming are more important than ever. And thanks to Kate’s infectious enthusiasm and endless knowledge, we’re willing to bet there’s a whole bunch of future entrepreneurs out there, ready to make their mark on the world.