GrowUp has achieved an impressive overall B Impact Score of 104.7, with a commendable score of 33.8 in the Workers section

GrowUp growers of fantastic-quality, sustainable salads, celebrates a major milestone, as it is proud to announce that it has been awarded B Corp accreditation. The vertical farmers have been awarded the distinguished overall B Impact Score of 104.7, against the pass threshold of 80 points. To score above 100 points on first accreditation is an exceptional achievement, as is achieving a score of 33.8 in the heavily weighted Workers section as a farming or manufacturing business.

The B Corp movement is focused on harnessing the power of business as a force for good, and GrowUp Farms is delighted to be part of this mission.

The vertical farm company was assessed against all pillars of the B Impact Assessment, which scores a company’s performance in the areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.

The B Impact pillars scrutinised to achieve B Corp status include:

Workers: How GrowUp contributes to employees’ financial, physical, professional, and social well-being
Governance: Policies and practices pertaining to the business mission, ethics, accountability, and transparency
Community: How GrowUp contributes to the economic and social well-being of the communities in which it operates through diversity, equity and inclusion as well as supply chain management
Environment: How GrowUp is committed to environmental care and resource conservation
Customers: How GrowUp practices customer stewardship

Kate Hofman, GrowUp’s co-founder says: “Achieving B Corp accreditation is a big step for us, and – with a business model rooted in sustainable practices – it is an amazing milestone for our team. We founded this business to have the right impact. We brought vertical farming to the UK, and 10 years later at Pepperness, we’re proud to be growing better salads, at an affordable price, whilst hitting the environmental and social goals we first set out to achieve. Not only do we grow exclusively in the UK and use renewable energy to run our farms, we’re proud to be part of a rich heritage of food and farming in Kent.

Our mission is to grow sustainable food that’s accessible to more people: better food for all. We’re obsessed with veg and salad is the ultimate plant-based food. We knew the tipping point would be when we could sell a better salad, at an affordable price, and still meet the highest standards for environmental and social sustainability. After a decade of perfecting how we grow, we’re proud to say this is where we are today, and this recognition from B Corp is the cherry on the cake for us.”