Our impact

we are problem solvers

we listen to what customers tell us, and use insight and data to develop fantastic products and brands

At GrowUp, we have always been passionate about creating a more sustainable food system and being a force for good on this planet – it’s why Kate Hofman and Tom Webster founded the business in the first place.

And business as a force for good is what the B Corp UK movement is all about.

Not only are we chuffed to be certified, but we’re also very proud to have gained a whopping B Impact Score of 104.7 points, against the pass threshold of 80 points.

The B Impact Assessment measures your business performance in impact areas including:

How we contribute to employees’ financial, physical, professional, and social well-being (and we scored an impressing 33.8 in the workers section, an unusual achievement for a farming or manufacturing business)
Our policies and practices relating to our business mission, ethics, and accountability.
How we contribute to the economic and social well-being of the communities in which we operate through diversity, equity and inclusion as well as supply chain.
Our commitment to environmental care – including an Environmental Impact Business Model for Resource Conservation

we are growers

we take a scalable approach to high-care, high quality indoor farming, and we use plants, science and technology to grow the best tasting food, without compromising on quality, ethics or environmental impact
our team of experts at our Recipe Centre drive our continuous pursuit of growing the tastiest veg in better, more sustainable ways
we are obsessed with veg

we are farm to fork suppliers

we grow with transparent end-to-end management of the supply chain so that we can add value for our customers and their shoppers
our salad leaves are grown to exactly the right size, harvested with care, and packed within two hours
there’s no journey to a packhouse and no chlorine washing needed
our salad is dry, crisp and ready to eat with natural freshness that lasts for longer

we are committed to a more sustainable food system

we’ve decoupled food production from environmental harm and CO2 emissions along the supply chain, to create better quality jobs, and make healthy and delicious food affordable
we put taste first and we embed ethics and sustainability throughout our business