GrowUp Farms, a leading sustainable vertical farm, was recently showcased on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today program. The segment highlights their innovative approach to salad production and the future of agriculture. Co-founder Tom Webster and Head of Farm Commercials and Operations Ben Logan joined journalist Dominic King for an insightful discussion on the benefits of vertical farming. 

By utilizing controlled indoor environments and hydroponics, GrowUp Farms produces high-quality salad crops consistently and sustainably. The segment delved into the advantages of vertical farming, including reduced waste, increased freshness, and improved value for customers. This feature on Farming Today not only highlights the accomplishments of GrowUp Farms but also serves as an excellent opportunity to increase awareness of sustainable farming practices and the potential of vertical farming to revolutionize the agriculture industry. 

To listen to the feature on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today and learn more about GrowUp Farms’ groundbreaking operations, please visit the following link: 

Watch here.