Kent-grown salad brand Fresh Leaf Co.® has landed in Macknade Food Hall with its red + green mix salad leaves. After launching into Iceland stores earlier this year, this is the first independent listing for the vertically grown salad, as part of the brand’s wider strategy within farm shops and delis nationwide. Fresh Leaf Co.® gives shoppers affordable and tasty salad that stays fresher in your fridge.

The red + green mix salad leaves are a combination of rich red and crispy green baby lettuce leaves. The naturally longer-lasting leaves solve the big problem of bagged salad going to waste. 63% of shoppers say they would buy more bagged salad, and buy it more often if they knew they would waste less.

The UK relies on importing 67% of the salad we eat each year, and over 90% in the winter. Every Fresh Leaf Co.® salad bag is grown and packed in the UK in a vertical farm, using 100% renewable energy, helping to support the UK food ecosystem.

Vertical farming is a way of growing food indoors under LED lighting with complete control of the growing environment. In the perfect conditions of a vertical farm, plants are grown without pesticides. They are ready to eat and have a naturally long shelf life.

Lisa Bell at Fresh Leaf Co. says “Fresh Leaf Co.’s listing expansion into Macknade Food Hall is a brilliant opportunity for two local Kent businesses to provide shoppers with a unique product that directly responds to the never-ending pressure on shoppers’ purse strings. Our salad shows how innovation and technology can support UK food and farming in Kent to build resilience and become more self-sufficient.”


Daniel White, Greengrocery Buyer for Macknade, comments, “At Macknade, we are continually looking at our supply chains to ensure we are working towards our goal of social & environmental harmony, and adding Fresh Leaf Co. to our shelves is just another example of this. This bagged salad gives our customers an affordable choice, which is kind to their purses, as well as our planet.”

Fresh Leaf Co.® salad is available now at Macknade Food Hall priced at £1.25.